Fundraising is an integral part of any cheerleading squad’s journey. From covering competition fees to purchasing new uniforms, the financial demands can what are some good fundraising ideas for cheerleaders be overwhelming. However, with the right strategies, cheerleaders can turn their fundraising efforts into successful ventures while having fun along the way.

H2: What are some good fundraising ideas for cheerleaders

  1. Cheerleading Clinic: Organize a one-day cheerleading clinic where participants can learn basic cheers, stunts, and routines. Charge a registration fee and provide participants with a memorable experience led by your squad.
  2. Car Wash: Host a car wash event in your community. Set up stations with buckets, sponges, and soap, and offer to wash cars for a donation. Advertise the event in advance to attract a steady stream of customers.
  3. Spirit Nights: Partner with local restaurants or businesses to host spirit nights. On designated evenings, a percentage of the proceeds from customers who mention your cheerleading squad will be donated to your team.
  4. Custom Merchandise: Design and sell custom merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, or water bottles featuring your team’s logo or motto. Utilize online platforms or set up a booth at local events to sell your merchandise.
  5. Bake Sale: Organize a bake sale and showcase a variety of homemade treats such as cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. Encourage team members and their families to contribute baked goods, and price items competitively to maximize sales.
  6. Crowdfunding Campaign: Create a compelling crowdfunding campaign on platforms like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. Share your team’s story, goals, and achievements to attract donations from friends, family, and supporters.
  7. Sponsorship Opportunities: Reach out to local businesses and offer sponsorship opportunities in exchange for financial support. Display sponsors’ logos on your team’s uniforms, banners, or social media platforms to increase visibility.
  8. Cheer-A-Thon: Organize a cheer-a-thon where team members showcase their skills and performances for a continuous period. Participants can seek pledges or donations based on the duration of their cheerleading routines.
  9. Holiday Gift Wrapping: Offer gift wrapping services during the holiday season at shopping centers or community events. Charge a fee per gift wrapped and provide festive wrapping paper and decorations.
  10. Online Auction: Host an online auction featuring donated items or experiences from local businesses and community members. Promote the auction through social media and encourage bidding to support your cheerleading squad.


Q: How can we make our fundraising events stand out? A: Focus on creating unique and engaging experiences for participants and donors. Incorporate themes, interactive activities, and personalized touches to differentiate your events from others.

Q: Are there any legal considerations we should be aware of when fundraising? A: Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations regarding fundraising activities, including permits, tax obligations, and liability issues. Consult with legal professionals if needed to avoid any legal complications.


With creativity, teamwork, and determination, cheerleaders can successfully raise funds to support their passion for cheerleading. By implementing these innovative fundraising ideas, squads can not only reach their financial goals but also strengthen bonds within the team and community. So, embrace these strategies, and watch your cheerleading squad soar to new heights of success!

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