Nonprofits have huge expenses, and fundraising is necessary to make a change for your cause. There are salaries, operating costs, and projects that need to be paid for, and raising money is the only way to achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for the best silent action items, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s experiences, gift certificates, or trips, you need silent auction items that will sell well. So let’s learn what big and small-ticket items to sell at your next fundraiser.

1.      Charity Safaris Hunting Trips

Charity Safaris is a significant attraction at silent auctions. Several hunts have sold for up to $14,500 during 2022, and Charity Safaris ensures that the nonprofit organization keeps  100% of the profits. So now you can raise the most money possible without sacrificing a portion of your earnings.

Charity Safaris will provide everything you need to attract the highest bids, such as digital downloads of auction posters and silent auction bid sheets. The process is easy, and trips can get sold multiple times so that you can make the most of your fundraisers.

2.      Gift Baskets

Don’t underestimate how much people love gift baskets. So many variations of gift baskets can be made and entice silent auction items that sell well them to buy. Ask yourself who your supporters are and keep a record of trending silent auction items for future fundraisers. In addition, mix big-ticket gift baskets with smaller, more affordable ones.

The following are some examples of silent auction gift baskets:

  • Tech basket: Add an iPhone, AirPods, Apple gift card, phone case, and other items for a big-ticket gift basket.
  • Fitness gift basket: Yoga mats, workout DVDs, sweatbands, gym memberships – what more could one ask for?
  • Cooking gift basket: You could add a cookbook, ingredients, and private classes to this silent auction idea.
  • Seasonal gift baskets: Cater gift baskets to the season. If it is Christmas or Thanksgiving around the corner, you can make baskets that’ll suit the season.

3.      Ticket to Sporting Events

Professional sporting event tickets are consistently winning silent auction items that sell well. If there is a team or stadium in your area, contact them to determine if they will be willing to donate or discount good seat tickets. Often, tickets to sporting events will sell more than what they are worth.

You can pair this auction item with the home team’s logo t-shirt and water bottles. Perhaps limo rides to and from the event to generate even more money. Some teams love to do charitable work, and members may offer a meet and greet or signed memorabilia.

4.      Outdoor Adventures

We don’t always have the time to explore the great outdoors, but when presented with the opportunity, we might jump on it. It’s never too late to switch up your routine and try something new. Promote family-friendly activities and add higher ticket items for thrill-seekers.

Here are some exciting outdoor adventures to add to your silent auction items list:

  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Skydiving
  • Family glamping trip
  • Guided tours through national parks
  • Surfing lessons

5.    Date Night

Spending quality time with our significant others should prioritize our lives; we often neglect this area. A date night is a great way to connect with a partner and have fun doing so. This silent auction item can get marketed in various ways. It doesn’t have to be just for couples – even two friends could utilize this package.

Ideas for date night:

  • City passes: Spend the day exploring a new city and its best museums and landmarks, followed by dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • Hot air balloon ride: Nothing is more thrilling than seeing the world from a hot air balloon at sunrise.
  • Kayaking expedition: Explore the great outdoors with your favorite person on a guided kayaking tour.
  • Tasting menu: Ask a popular restaurant if their chef could do a private tasting menu for the highest bidder.
  • Escape room: Escape rooms have become highly popular over the last decade, and couples can test their knowledge and wit by trying to solve riddles and finish puzzles.
  • Cocktails and comedy: Another fun way to spend time with a significant other or friend is to laugh and drink the night away at a comedy club.

6.    Music and Entertainment

Backstage passes and music event tickets will not only sell for more than they are worth, but you can create a whole package for a night of sheer excitement. For example, you can couple backstage passes for a concert with memorabilia, a signed ballcap or t-shirt, and a year’s Spotify gift card.

Add a limo ride to and from the concert and cocktail hour before the event. This night of fun for two will get you high bids, and events companies, stadiums, and bands are huge into philanthropy and may sponsor many of these items.

7.   Culinary Experiences

Good food is always a hit. There is so much you can do with this silent auction item, for example:

  • Cooking lessons: Spend an afternoon cooking with a local celebrity chef.
  • Wine and dine: Take a guided tour to a winery with a sommelier and sample the best local wine in town, followed by lunch or dinner.
  • Cooking gift basket: Create a gift basket with cookbooks, a personalized apron, ingredients, wine, and other fun food-related items.

Final Thoughts

There are so many fun and exciting silent auction items that you can use to maximize your fundraising. Add Charity Safaris hunting trips to your silent auction items list and apply for a donation today. The retail value of these trips ranges between $8,000 and $12,600, and your nonprofit can keep all the money raised!

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