Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Whether you are a school looking to raise money or on a fundraising journey for a school you love, you’ll need to know the best fundraising ideas for schools to maximize your funding. Hosting a fundraiser for schools is an excellent way for staff, parents, students, and teachers to come together for the good of the community and its school.

However, getting people excited about a fundraising event can be challenging when you have the same ideas each year. Since the pandemic swept through in 2020, fundraisers have had to think outside the box for unique ways to make money with exciting virtual fundraising ideas. This shift from in-person to virtual became a huge success, but you need the best fundraising ideas for schools to get the job done.

Explore the many profitable school fundraising ideas and why you need them!

1. Dog Wash

Not everyone takes their pups to the groomers, and many find bathing their dogs a tedious task. So why not host a dog wash fundraiser? The kids will love spending time with your furry best friend too. Post on local groups about the fundraiser and encourage parents, guardians, teachers, and community members to bring the pups for a good wash by student volunteers.

Utilize the school’s parking lot as the venue and purchase fundraising ideas for schools all the supplies. Ensure there are plenty of kiddie pools to bathe the dogs, hoses, lots of towels, and tasty treats. Take your fundraiser a step further and have music playing, some food trucks, and sell drinks.

2.  School Dance

School dances are just as exciting as prom or homecoming. School students get to go out and shop for new outfits and let loose with their friends. It’s a simple fundraising idea that everyone will love, and almost all the proceeds get put back into the school. In addition, students will pay a small attendance fee, and you can request donations for décor, food, and drinks from parents and guardians.

Put together a student committee for the dance and have them select a fun theme, such as a masquerade ball, under the ocean, or a Hollywood theme. There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive photo booths or décor. Instead, task the committee with finding an inexpensive solution.

3.  Discount Card Fundraiser

A discount card fundraiser is something that can get the entire community involved. Students will sell discount cards in their neighborhood, and the donors will get coupons or special offers from local businesses, such as restaurants. These discount cards are around $10-$20 but can save the purchaser hundreds of dollars.

Making discount cards to sell for a school fundraiser is reasonably easy. In addition, it draws a lot of attention to small businesses, and many business owners are happy to get exposure.

4.  Car Wash

Car wash fundraisers have proven to be excellent in raising funds for your local charity, including schools. This is also a fantastic way to get the community involved while students have fun washing cars. The school’s parking lot can be used to set up the car wash.

Partner with local businesses to sponsor cleaning materials and supplies in exchange for free advertising on the day of the car wash.

To advertise, get your local radio station to mention the school’s fundraising efforts. Have loud music for entertainment and snacks available for individuals to purchase while they wait for their cars to get cleaned.

Assign shifts to students to wash cars, and designate a few students to collect money for the car washes and any extra donations. Set up an online donation page on the school’s website to receive additional donations.

5.  Auction off Parking Spots

Ask every high school or college student what their worst nightmare is, and they will all say that parking at school or on campus is the worst! On a busy day, students are likely to be found circling the parking lot in the hopes of a spot becoming available.

For a successful fundraising idea, select a few parking spots the school won’t mind reserving for the winning students. Host a live auction or an online bidding war, and see how far students are willing to go for a parking spot reserved for them for the semester or school year.

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