Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

You can use the following 9 strategies to raise funds for your church and keep it vibrant and enjoyable!

1. Baby Sitting

Even parents deserve a night off! What better way to raise funds for your youth missionary or church ministry than to give hard-working parents a night to themselves? Depending on the time frame for your church fundraiser, you can host weekly to monthly babysitting events and charge a small fee.

Nights and weekends are usually prime babysitting times around your church, but you can even offer to babysit on special events. For example, on Valentine’s Day or other special holidays, give parents a chance fundraiser ideas for church to relax for a few hours before they pick up their babies. This is a great community service project for the youth group as well.

2. Global Food Festival

Hosting a global food event is a great way to embrace the diversity present in your community. Participants in the food festival can choose to come as guests or as cooks for a small entry fee. The event is simple, and the cooks can prepare food that reminds them of their cultures.

Cooks can also choose to honor a different country by making a meal fundraiser ideas for church from there. Doing a global food festival is a great way to see all the different cultures and backgrounds you have in your community while raising money for your fundraiser.

3. Yogurt Party

What better fundraising idea than to treat your taste buds? Froyo is a great incentive to raise funds, as it’s a delicious treat that perfectly balances sweet and creamy! You can even host the event with your local yogurt or ice cream shop! Ask your congregation for suggestions for local frozen yogurt shops they want to partner with. Your church will need someone to spearhead this event, but it will be an easy feat!

This fundraiser’s perks are that you raise money fun and deliciously while your donors get to snack on some delicious froyo. Easy church fundraising efforts always include yummy treats and local businesses. Sell tasty treats for a small fee, and you will be surprised at how much money you can raise!

4. Community Sports Day

Hosting a community sports day is a fantastic way for churches to raise money during the summer. In addition, sports days help bond the community as everybody enjoys themselves while mingling with others. Consider a community sports day for your next church fundraiser – it is a simple and fun fundraising idea that will bring the community together.

5. Bail Out

The bailout is a fun way to raise funds for your church. The idea behind the event is to have your favorite pastor or elder put in “jail” until a specific fee has been met. Then, you can rotate the pastors or elders, who will only be released once their bail money has been raised.

6. Matching Grants

Matching contributions can be a great help in funding a worthy cause. For example, you can appeal to the church congregation to match the funds raised by the youth ministry, or you can even appeal to surrounding businesses to match the grants you receive. Creating friendly competitions within your church is a fun way to raise extra money for a good cause.

Fundraising can be emotionally, mentally, and even physically draining to do sometimes. But, sometimes, like the saying “the proof is in the pudding,” it is better to show than to tell. Hosting an event where you run to raise funds or awareness for your fundraiser shows the donors that you are serious and willing to sacrifice for your cause. These ‘big runs’ can be fun to join as a community or even an event your church hosts on its own! Showing that we can raise money together is an effective church-inspired fundraising idea that everyone can get behind.

7. Dance Marathon

From the Monster Mash to the Dougie, we all have preferred ways to dance to our favorite songs! Hosting a dance marathon is a great way to have some fun entertainment and raise money. Hosting a dance marathon is as simple as separating the guests into teams and seeing who can last the longest on the dance floor for a specific amount of time.

8. Selling Sidewalk Doughnuts

The youth can get involved in fundraising with this next fundraiser. The kids can sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the sidewalks or near the church door. Krispy Kreme offers a 50-60% margin of support to your fundraiser and is a simply delicious treat. There is no quicker way for the youth to raise money for your church than by selling tasty treats to the community. Who can say no to our youth?

9. Travel Raffle

Everyone needs a little time to relax and enjoy themselves, so why not offer a vacation up for grabs? Truffle raffles typically get sponsored by a local store or travel agency. If people in your congregation have connections to a hotel or a travel agency, you can ask them if they would be willing to sponsor the vacation or make a small donation towards the trip on behalf of the church. Members of the church will be chomping at the bit to bid on this!

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